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Taxonomic Search Instructions
To get to the Taxonomic Search Page, click on the link for it near the top of the left-hand column on the FotW home page.

  Use this page to access all botanical images and data on file on the FotW website or any part of it by taxonomy. Initially, a set of image thumbnails appears in the right hand side of the page. On the top left of the page is an indication of the number of images and the number of 40 thumbnail pages which are currently selected.

  After entering the taxonomic search page, you can navigate to images within any kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, or species.

  Then click on the Kingdom drop-down then select the kingdom. Each time you select a new level of taxonomy, you must click on the "Continue with image display" button near the bottom of the left-hand side of the Taxonomic Search page. After selecting the kingdom (and clicking the "Continue with image display" button), you can select a phylum from the drop down menu. After selecting a phylum, you then have the option to select a class within it, and so on. Each additional taxonomic level you select narrows the search and speeds up the redisplay of the selected images.

  For long lists like order, you can more quickly select a part of the list by typing the first letter of the family. For example, under class "Magnoliopsida", after you open the order drop down list, type M to quickly reach the order "Magnoliales". At this point, another click selects the next order beginning with M (i. e. Malpighiales). Instead, you can use your 'Home', 'Page Up', 'Page Down' and 'End' keys to move through the list. You can also use your mouse to drag the 'slider' on the right of the list to the part of the list you want to select from.

  Instead of selecting taxa from kingdom downward as above, you may jump to some places shown on the "Taxon" dropdown. To jump directly to Dicots, click "Dicots", then click the "Shortcut to taxon" button. This navigates directly to kingdom "Plantae", phylum "Magnoliaphyta" and class "Magnoliopsida".

  Once you have selected the thumbnails you want to view, you can obtain some information about each by "hovering" your mouse over one. For more information, and to view a higher resolution image, click on a thumbnail to view its Image Information page.

Note: APG II & III have renamed a number of families. Many of the former names are included in the family lists. If a formerly used family name is selected, this page will automatically redirect you to the current family.

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