ImageIndex: 171295
Family: Octoknemaceae
Species: Octoknema affinis
Voucher: Davidson, C 12386
ImageSerial: (241)
ImageDate: 24 Mar 2014
Southwest Region
Location: Mt. Cameroon. Bakingili Trail, leaving from Bakingili Village, north of Limbe on highway N-3 to Idenau. Various places along the trail N toward park boundary. 130-300 m. Atlantic tropical rainforest.
N 04° 05' 06.2" E 009° 03' 00.7"
ImageSource: C. Davidson
IDby: D. Kenfack (US), March 2014
Collectors: C. Davidson, D. Kenfack, Paul Mdumbe, Elias NDive, S. Christoph